Ringless Voicemail Drops are the newest technology in the industry and used to directly target cell phones, without ever ringing the phone. RVM’s open a door to an entirely new means of communication. With the RVMs the callee’s cell phone or landline never actually rings, creating a new non-intrusive form of communication that is FCC Compliant.

Our specialists will sniff out active cell phones in your area to be processed by our servers. Once data is uploaded and reviewed it will then be sent through the DNC to make sure the data is perfect. Our servers will then start transmitting your RVMs. Whether a Cell Phone or Land Line, our technology will find the compatible voicemail and leave your custom message.

You will have direct access to all of your data and analytics from your RVM campaigns using the most powerful platform on earth.



Step 1: Record your voice message
Simply use the number we provide and use your cell phone or landline to record your personalized audio message.


Step 2: We send your voice message out
Our servers will send out your audio message to potential clients’ phones. No phone calls are ever made.

Step 3: Prospect gets their Ringless Voicemail Drop
Your potential client gets a notification that they’ve received a new voicemail – as if they must have missed the call.

This gets your potential client to call back.