With our extensive offering of products & services, we can bring your business more motivated traffic than you ever thought possible. Direct mail, high impact marketing campaigns, print ads & web tie-ins will generate you increased sales & profits. Letters, menus, business cards, flyers & more...you dream it up, we'll bring it to print.


Targeted Mail

Bulldogs Marketing’s elite data mining program serves you REGISTERED OWNERS – complete with name, address, make, model, year and values! With PROVEN RESULTS, send attractive, personalized mailers that will bring you motivated and qualified traffic for high grossing sales. Reach targeted, registered owners in your market with a high impact message that will absolutely drive them to your dealership or your in house customer list.

Ringless Voice Mail

Ringless Voicemail Drops are the newest technology in the industry and used to directly target cell phones, without ever ringing the phone. RVM’s open a door to an entirely new means of communication. With the RVMs the callee’s cell phone or landline never actually rings, creating a new non-intrusive form of communication that is FCC Compliant.

Our specialists will sniff out active cell phones in your area to be processed by our servers. Once data is uploaded and reviewed it will then be sent through the DNC to make sure the data is perfect. Our servers will then start transmitting your RVMs. Whether a Cell Phone or Land Line, our technology will find the compatible voicemail and leave your custom message.

You will have direct access to all of your data and analytics from your RVM campaigns using the most powerful platform on earth.

Reach & Frequency

Tap into the biggest pool of ready-to-buy prospects with Bulldogs Marketing’s Reach & Frequency programs. Pinpoint zip codes in your market and watch the high-impact blitz help you move more high-grossing units in a weekend than most dealerships move in a whole month.

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Reaching To Your Target Market

Bulldogs Marketing is a national advertising agency whose business is creating and producing everything from simple print jobs to fully-integrated campaigns. Through its large array of products and services, Bulldogs Marketing will drive motivated buyers & increased sales to your door.

Bulldogs Marketing’s strongest selling point is its exceptional track record built on thousands of events in over 350 cities nationwide, and its ability to consistently provide measurable results, time after time.

As every business owner knows, advertising deadlines are short and must be met every single time, without fail. Creative advertising must often be produced at a moments notice in order to meet extremely tight deadlines.

“With over 30 years in the Direct Mail industry, we strive to deliver on everything we do to insure complete success. In this ever changing industry, we remain committed to outperform our competition with our proven, time tested advertising strategies. Our company is devoted to building relationships with our clients, working together towards one common goal….SUCCESS!!!!!“-Bulldogs Marketing

Direct Mail

Gain valuable incremental sales with our customized, cutting edge, scientifically developed direct mail campaigns targeted to a highly refined list of leads.


“Direct mail, my first love and secret weapon” -David Ogilvy

Truer words were never spoken, this coming from an extremely successful and pioneering individual in the traditional advertising world. When writing his book, Ogilvy on Advertising, David Ogilvy stressed the importance of direct mail and that by being able to test specific variables one was able to gauge their results precisely. We at Bulldogs Marketing firmly believe that Direct Mail is the best form of direct response marketing. It is tough to pinpoint the exact results from your traditional advertising, however with direct mail you can measure the results to the pennies. Get your branding and messages into the hands of the people who matter most with the help of Bulldogs Marketing! Call us today for a free market consultation and let us put together a winning game plan!










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